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March 6, 2012
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Disney Princess Parade by DitaDiPolvere Disney Princess Parade by DitaDiPolvere
All princesses from 2010 back to 1937...obviously I haven't forgotten all the other movies as The jungle book, Robin Hood, The lion king or The Aristocats...I love them too but princesses are easier to draw...and ALL of them were to many, so I had to choose... thanks to my cousin ~MaxMaisterJun who was so kind to put together all 15 drawings...hope you guys like it :D

all characters belong to Disney (c)

EDIT: sorry guys if Aurora isn't cousin forgot to add it, but it's my fault 'cause I didn't send her to him...I don't know how but I probably skipped it......but I swear I did draw her...maybe I'll post her separately... :(
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Repunzel: Mulan be careful with that sword. It took me forever to get my hair back tho way after my movie. Plus if you cut it you will fall along with the people below you Wendy can fly but I'm pretty sure Meg is scared as it is. You all will probably crush Snow White.

Meg: Long hair is right, I would not like to fall.

Snow White: I certainly don't want to be crushed. 

Mulan: Alright, I don't even know why I brought it; it should be where I keep my mementos.  

Thanks. Also did you see Frozen and would you recommend it? I have not seen it yet so no spoilers. 
I've seen it recently ande it's really absolutely wonderful!!! I surely recommend it!!!
Good because i intend to see it today.
go and enjoy yourself!!!!!
I saw Frozen and liked it.
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Tiana: Where is Rose or is it Aurora?

Cinderella: She is doing a new movie.

Jasmine: What is it about? 

Belle: I heard it is an un-animated prequel with Maleficient's origins and that Maleficient is portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Megera: By Zeus, you got a be kidding me! That is sweet.

Everyone: I know!

Ariel: I hope it does better and is better known than the prequel I used as a third movie.

Snow White: At least you got a sequel. I am the first one, which has been around from before World War II, and the only people considering a sequel are half the people in the audience. It will be the 100th anniversary by the time they do anything.

Pohcahantas: Then what a great 100th birthday present.

Mulan: Ha!

Pohcahantas: Thank you.

Alice: I hope they stay more true to the original designs than my sequel. For the new Maleficient movie I mean I'm just glad in my first one my clothes actually changed with my size.

Esmerelda: That would have been more embarrassing than what Frollo kept implying regarding me. I still get nightmares.

Rapunzel: That creep is old enough to be your dad. I thought he hated Gypsies, sorry.

Wendy: The guy is worse than Hook, but let's face it Esmeralda is not unattractive.

Esmerelda: Rapunzel it is okay. Wendy thank you.   

Jane: I just realized if this thing is for Disney princesses what am I doing here?

Mulan: That is an excellent question. I'm not a princess either.

Wendy, Alice, Pohcahantas, and Esmeralda: Me either. 

Alice: Lets go we are to heavy for Rapunzel anyway. 

Everyone who is not a princess gets off the hair

Rapunzel: Is it wrong to feel relieved there are less people on my hair?

Tiana: Nah. We shouldn't be doing this to you anyway. Come on lets go to my restaurant, my treat! 

Everyone: Yay!

Jasmine: Megera your not a princess either.

Meg: My boy friend is a celebrity, a demigod, a gladiator, and a hero. That kind of fame makes him, theoretically, he is the prince of Greece.

Jasmine: Well when you put it that way it does make sense.
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